About Us


Scale Components, a privately owned Australian company established in 1991, is your efficient alternative and cost effective source of supply for ALL weighing equipment products and components.

An extensive range of mechanical and electronic products and components from leading National and International manufacturers is available from stock or via our express international delivery service.

The company markets a wide range of weighing and measurement products and components and has achieved national and international recognition for the design, manufacture, sale and supply of a wide range of products and components. Over 35 years experience in the national and international weighing and cubing industry has established our attitude and commitment to customer service and support.

Our position as a single source supplier, commitment to customer service and support and our ability to meet an extensive range of customer requirements provides continuous growth opportunities. Our commitment to, and provision of, high level customer service and support is used as a reference by many of our customers.

The range of products marketed by Scale Components includes load cells and accessories; digital weight indicators, amplifiers and accessories; standard (and custom) large digit remote digital displays; measurement and control systems (hardware and software); cubing (dimensioning), conveying and weighing systems and others.

The range of products and components marketed provide access to an extensive range of customers and industries in most industrial segments.

The company is located in wholly owned office and warehouse facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and employs 16 personnel across the country. Our customers are regional and industry specialist OEM and Reseller companies who need efficient and effective service and support.

Scale Components continues to expand and market new and innovative products and services identified through our extensive international contacts and in-house research and development. These factors, in conjunction with our commitment to excellence, ensure our continued expansion and development into the new millennium.